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In technical sense Pakistanlawyer.com may be termed as a portal and being a law portal, it offers all the basic functionalities of a web portal which encompass searching of laws, case laws, and notifications as well as finding lawyers in Pakistan. The website is generic to some extent, yet it is specific to law and law industry In addition to all these functionalities, the distinguishing feature of this web portal is the affiliation of the lawyer community with the website itself which helps content to be posted on the website and giving ideas and suggestions, thus making the website more and more comprehensive and goal oriented. All the above idiosyncratic functionalities make Pakistanlawyer.com, the best and the favourite website on law in Pakistan.


Pakistanlawyer.com is a website targeted not only at the lawyers and intellectuals but also to law students, those interested in law and people in common.
The main objectives of Pakistanlawyer.com can be classified into following broad goals:-

  • Awareness of law
  • Promotion of law
  • Utilization of information technology in law.
  • Providing assistance to lawyers and law students in research

The objectives of Pakistanlawyer.com can be well understood, if we understand the background and analyze the difficulties lawyers and general public are facing. Generally the common people of Pakistan are unaware and ignorant of various laws enforced. There are common misconceptions about laws and law enforcing agencies. Sometimes innocent people do what is termed as grave wrong just because of lack of knowledge. General impression of law is very vague and in many cases the concept is totally opposite to what law actually is. Law develops as society evolves. Awareness of law among the members of the society is therefore, main factor for development of society. People are deceived because of unawareness of law. People do not access government authorities or to the courts because of not being aware of the laws. On the other hand Pakistani Lawyers are in general unaware of the use of information technology. Computers are restricted for the use of word processors. Email addresses are acquired but never used. A few belonging to this noble profession is, to an extent, knows the merits of information technology. The aim of Pakistanlawyer.com is to attract lawyers to adopt information technology and to take advantage of this wonderful technology. We at Pakistanlawyer.com are endeavouring hard to cause lawyers to combine law and technology together for the benefit of the whole community as well as for the system

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